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Wife Demand Husband Restores Her Virginity Before Signing Divorce Papers In Court 

Nigerian lady by name Suliat request husband Lafeet restores her virginity before she will sign the divorce papers in the Iseyin Grade C Customary court in Nigeria.

Her husband Lateef dragged her to court seeking divorce on the grounds of gross disrespect, humiliation, and embarrassment in public places because she has been nothing but trouble.

He revealed to the judge that he moved out of the house due to bad treatment given to him in his own house.

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Well, his wife didnt take the divorce issues likely saying the only way she will grant him the divorce is when he restores her virginity and gives her her good health

She then pointed out to the Judge, the ill conditions her husband has put her through since he married her.

She revealed that Lateef used juju to charm her into marrying him and that has caused her so much stress and illness.

Additionallly she said the juju man may have been dead already

Their case has since been adjourned to a later date due to Suliat bad health.


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