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Viral Video Shows US-Based Ghanaian Lady Sacking Her Husband From Their Home For Not Paying His Rent | Video

Trending video has emerged that shows a US-based Ghanaian woman throwing her husband’s (Nana Amponsah Bediako) cloths on the streets over refusal to pay rent.

According to the woman, her husband, Nana Bediako Amponsah has refused to pay rents for their home and spends on unnecessary things.

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The US-based Ghanaian also said from the video that she has paid for their rents for two consecutive times.

A US-based Ghanaian woman said enough is enough and threw her husband away from her house. According to her, he doesn’t pay rent.

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In the video, she packed all clothes belonging to her husband, Nana Amponsah Bediako from his wardrobe and dumped them at the outskirts of her flat.

The video, which was seemingly recorded by the man himself, had him telling his wife to keep the kids that they both had given birth to.

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Watch the video below:


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