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Vim Lady gives reasons why she lied about the health minister’s coronavirus status

Journalist Vim Lady has explained why her report about the health ministers COVID-19 status turned after the President confirmed it on Sunday during his 11th Nation address.

On Friday, there were several reports the health Minister has tested positive to the deadly COVID-19 virus and is currently on admission at the University of Ghana Medical centre.

Vim lady hours later took to her Facebook page to debunk such rumours stating that the Minister is not COVID-19 positive but is only resting at the medical centre due to stress. However, during the 11th address of the nation by the president, He confirmed that the health Minister is indeed positive.

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A new video has been sighted where by Vim Lady was spotted explaining why she gave that false report. According to her, she called the health Minister to confirm the rumours, but instead, the health Minister lied saying he was only resting there due to stress.

What video below:


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