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VIDEO: Tracey Boakye And Moesha Lecture Young Ladies On What It Takes To Sleep With Rich Men And Get Properties In Return

Moesha Buduong who sat on CNN and revealed to the world that she sleeps with rich men to make a living has now taken a huge U-turn on Tracey Boakye’s not-so-relevant show and claims she now makes a living from businesses she doesn’t post on Instagram.

This is funny because the interview happened between two women who have openly stated that they sleep around with rich men in exchange for properties──and it’s laudable because which sane woman of repute will accept to be interviewed by dumb headed Tracey Boakye if not Moesha Buduong and other slay queens in the same sleeping with men for properties business?

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Moesha Buduong on the show lectured the upcoming and already existing slay queens on the “101 ways of sleeping with rich men and getting properties in return”.

According to Moesha, it takes attitude and character for a woman to get properties from rich men after sleeping with them──and funnily, her counterpart in the business, Tracey Boakye nodded her head to it.

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Tracey Boakye also chipped in that a man wouldn’t meet a lady one day, sleep with her and then buy her a Range Rover and with this, it should give you a fair idea of how these women claiming to inspire young ladies have mastered the art of professional prostitution and doing it so well.

Apparently, the core motive behind Tracey Boakye’s not-so-relevant show is to teach young ladies interested in sleeping with men for properties and only aimless idiots will waste their time to watch this show.

Watch the video below;


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