VIDEO: Kweku Manu In Trouble As USA Based Ghanaian Man Curses Him For Sleeping With His Wife

A certain Kweku Manu has found himself in trouble as USA based Ghanaian man cursed him for sleeping with his wife.

The angry man was heard in the video available to cursing Kwaku Manu saying that he has been sleeping with his wife.

He added that Manu picks his wife up in the evening and she will not come back home until dawn when they are done enjoying.

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The man was captured in the video holding a bottle of Schnapp and egg while he rains curses on Kwaku Manu.

According to the man, the person in question has been sleeping with his wife, Efia Frimpomaa, and snatched her from him.

From what the USA based Ghanaian man said, the particular Kwaku Manu is in the habit of sleeping with married women.

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Clearly, this time, the man is fed up with the behavior and has resorted to asking lesser gods to intervene for him.

One thing that is unclear and has become the question many have asked is whether this is  Kumawood actor Kwaku Manu.

Others are also asking whether it is another person living in the USA and bearing the same name as the actor.

For we cannot confirm or deny whether it was Kweku Manu the actor or not but stay with us and we will update you on this story soon.

Watch as the USA based Ghanaian man curses Kweku Manu in the video below


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