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Video : Addi Self Flaunts New Customized Car To Shame Shatta Wale For Retrieving His Toyota Camry From Joint 77

Addiself who was a memeber of the defunct music group S.M Militants and a former loyal protege to Shatta Wale; has subtly thrown subtle jabs at his former boss following the visceral attitude he displayed yesteday.

Shatta Wale headlined several articles on major news blogs succeeding his infantile actions against Joint 77; a bosom ally he claims to helped him 16 years ago only to pay him back with insults and public humiliation.

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Shatta Wale stormed the premises of Hitz Fm with police men to retrieve a car he gifted Joint 77 last year as his birthday present.

Addiself who seems to be agitated with this babyish behaviour of his former boss; has showed off his newly acquired customised Toyota Venza as a signal to Shatta that; he is now a man on his own and can succeed in life with or without his help.

Kindly watch the video below;


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