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UK Based Ghanaian,Derrick Evans Congratulate The Kelewele Hit maker Kin Dennis.

Kin Dennis is a UK based artiste.He is a Ghanaian who have lived in Italy for sometime and he is currently living in UK.
He also happens to be the CEO of afro mafia.He is an artiste who just came up with his new song titled kelelwele.

Derrick describe Dennis as a respectful and also friendly person.He likes to mingle with anybody he sees,irrespective of the person reputation as been low or high. Dennis also likes to support the needy to put smile on their face.

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According to Derrick,Dennis loves God, irrespective of his status.
Derrick went on feather and said,everyone can be a celebrity but your impact as a celebrity makes you a different a person.The impact Dennis had make as a celebrity makes him unique. Derrick Congratulate Dennis on his behaviour for serving a role model for other celebrities to learn from him.

Derrick argues all celebrities to make impact with their wealth they have as Dennis has been doing.the fact that you are rich doesn’t mean,everyone in this world is rich.there is someone out there,who needs you to be somebody.Derrick went on feather saying his everyday words,everybody needs somebody.

Note: Don’t be a celebrity without an impact.


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