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Prez Akufo Addo and Derrick Evans

Beyonce, Rihanna and Naomi Campbell are among the celebrities who have spoken out in support of Nigeria’s #EndSars movement following reports of violence at protests last night. 

Thousands of Nigerians joined peaceful protests in Lagos on Tuesday to campaign against police brutality within the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (Sars) unit, which has now been disbanded.

However, reports have emerged of protestors being shot and killed or injured after soldiers opened fire at the Lekki toll gate.

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Many people are expecting the president of Ghana as been the ecowas chair to address this issue but he has been quite on this matter. Many Celebrities Has Blast the person because of such behaviour.

Uk based Ghanaian Derrick Evans has reacted to the trolls on the president of Ghana.

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He said “I have seen some celebrities posting and asking the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to say something. Please let me ask these celebrities ooo. Who told them it is through social media that issues of this nature get resolved. Or you want daily accounts on what he is doing as Ecowas chairperson. And please, he is the Ecowas Chairman meaning he chairs “a body” so he cannot be issuing statements like he is running a “one man Facebook business” wai… Respectfully, stop exposing your ignorance here and shut up if you can’t add up. What you can do is to keep praying for our brothers and sisters and ecowas leaders to quickly resolve this and not just seek unnecessary attention at this time. Silence is indeed golden.”


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