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Two Sakawa Boys Fight Kasoa Women For Killing Snake That Crawled Out Of Their Car Which Tired To Vomit Money | Video

Big snake found in sakawa boys’ car at Kasoa toll booth, killed after trying to vomit money

The issue of money ritual is becoming unbecoming in recent times. And those who resort to quick ways of making money have normalized it and made it look very colorful but it comes with lots of harsh consequences.

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Just this afternoon, people working around Kasoa toll booth were running helter-skelter because a big snake was found coming out of a young man’s private car who was stuck in the traffic at Kasoa toll booth.

Nobody knows how and the snake got into the car and what it was doing in it. According to reports from Accra 100.5 FM, eyewitnesses who were present during this alarming incident said, the only thing they saw was a very long big snake coming out the man’s car.

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This led macho and courageous men to rush to the scene, upon their arrival, the snake was acting as if it was about vomiting chunk of money, so they killed it.

According to some eyewitnesses, that particular type of snake is specially for spiritual purposes, specifically money rituals.

Watch the video below:


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