Throwback photos of when Becca was dark and lovely

Loved by all-hated by all, Becca has become an object for trolls on social media for the past 18 hours since her last tweet on racism did not go down well with some Ghanaians on twitter.

Apparently, Becca, who is now known to be a product of bleaching – otherwise called toning by those who are ashamed of themselves – forgot herself and went berserk on twitter as she called Ghanaians hypocrites for practicing tribalism in African marriages yet go ahead to campaign against racism.

However, netizens did not spare her as they felt Becca was just riding on the current subject matter to air what has been disturbing her over the past years since her marriage to Dr Tobi Sanni Daniel was highly condemned by some Ghanaians.

One aspect of Becca’s life that trolls have heavily and repeatedly pondered on is the fact that she ditched her beautiful African skin to inherit a white skin via bleaching. Some have even compared her current skin color to that of the late musician, Michael Jackson – May his gentle soul rest in peace.

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We share with you beautiful throwback photos of when Becca had a dark skin and looked lovely – she was really loved by all until she imported a different skin color out of insecurity.

These photos clearly prove that the musician bleached her skin overnight as she was really dying to have a white skin.

See photos below:


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