This is why Ahuofe Patri was sacked from University Of Cape Coast (UCC)

According to the directive from the Institute of Education, all students in the Colleges of Education who have failed a paper previously should be withdrawn immediately without the possibility of ever writing a re-sit examination. Students who wrote the re-sit examination and failed it again and students who because of one reason or the other were not able to “register” for the re-sit examination are also being sent home because of this directive.

A typical example of a said student affected by the ”harsh directive” saw him expelled from the premises of campus after chalking a grade E in one of his papers despite performing above average in all the others. This is not the case with the Untrained Teachers. With them, they are allowed to write re-sit examinations until they are able to pass which means they can make unlimited attempts at rewriting those papers.

The grading point makes it hard for people who don’t have a love for academic work. Very few people make it through. And Ahoufe Patri was one of these victims.

And even though Ahoufe Patri has been successful in the media a well-celebrated actress on both local and international soil.

Yet media has been silent on past especially her days on the University of Cape Coast soil. This is because she was not a celebrity then.

But Ahoufe Patrick has a past that needs to be known. And most importantly to tape motivation from.

Ahoufe Patri was accepted in UCC in the year 2009. But for some strange reasons she could not complete her four-year program at the University of Cape Coast. She could not even complete level 200.

This was due to a liberal course she failed. She was then asked to take a resit. Unfortunately for her, she could not meet the requirements for her resit therefore, leading to her misspell from the university.

Despite Ahoufe Patri being sacked from UCC for academic failed, the whole world knows her. This is a great lesson for those who think the determinant for their success in academics.


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