One of our sources has been dealing with a news seller, who claims to have a tape of Ghanaian Actress-Yvonne Nelson.

And despite sending us a few seconds of what he claims to be a video, we think it’s fake.

The amateur video shows someone who looks like Yvonne Nelson and has her physique complete N*ked with her coochie being eaten by a guy on his knee.

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Interestingly, makes the video fake to us is how the person grabs the butt of the Yvonne photo-copy in there.

As the butt of this lady seems a little bigger than what even the most generous fan of Yvonne Nelson would credit her with.

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We don’t want to put you in suspense, just take a look at the photo very and you can judge for yourself that the imposter in possession of the video is telling lies.

Watch Video Below


The Video can’t be uploaded due to our site policy.But you can  click here to watch or join our telegram channel for full video


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