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Tall list of celebrities who have been scammed by Dr UN after receiving fake award

Trending on Twitter currently is the news about the newest conman who hiding behind the brand images of the United Nations (UN) and Kofi Annan Foundation to issue fake awards to celebrities and public officials.

This man has been able to scam many of the Ghanaian celebrities and politicians. Dr Kwame Owusu Fordjour aka Dr UN by far has pulled off what can be termed as the biggest scam in Ghana.

Dr UN, for years, has been holding and awarding fake awards to heavyweights in the entertainment industry and some politicians in Ghana under the shade of UN Kofi Annan Global Excellence in Leadership Awards.

The top Ghanaian celebrities and politicians who received the fake award from this fraudster, Dr UN took to their various social media handles to post and share their joy as the honour bestowed on them was great.

The awardees were presented with plaques of “UN Kofi Annan Excellence Awards” which drew a link between the scheme, the UN, and the late Kofi Annan.

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Little did they know that the awards were coming from a fraudulent source of a man who paraded himself to be from the UN.

A Twitter user by name @elvinnicks, called out Dr Kwame Owusu Fordjour as a scammer who is hiding behind the UN and Kofi Annan Foundation brands to give fake awards to celebrities and public officials.

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