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“Silly Girl” – Angry Netizens React After Photos Of A Curvaceous Teacher In The Classroom With Her Students Went Viral (Photos)

Social media users react to pictures of a curvy teacher in the classroom with a young student looking indecent after it went viral

The young and beautiful lady who has been identified as Lulu Menziwa decided to shares some eye catching pictures of herself on Twitter.

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Obviously she took the pictures in the classroom with student around working on their exercise.

Aside that she also revealed she actually at work per the caption she added to the photos.

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Meanwhile, just a few minutes after sharing these pictures, concerned Twitter users didn’t take it likely with her due to how she is dressed before the kids.

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Some even noticed she wasn’t wearing bra and called her silly while others blast her for distracting the kids.

Working with teenagers and you feel it is appropriate to go to work without wearing bra. Sometimes you would do things and you’d wonder where they learned it from. Silly girl.

It’s not just about the indecent dressing alone but the fact also that she lacks patience enough to wait till the kids are out before posing for a sultry pic. Why tryna cause a distraction to them?

Truth is, the gender doesn’t want to be told the truth. No one is objectifying or sexualizing her body here. She didn’t give herself her body, so she can’t be judged for her body. But using that body to sexually harass some teenage boys is where the problem tells an untruth…

Twitter Users React

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