See What These Children Were Caught Doing Here That Got People Surprised (Video)

One of the most deadly dieases we have in Africa is illiteracy, most times illiteracy kills faster than sickness.

It’s believed that Nigeria still have one of the highest number of out of school children in the world, this the present administration have been trying to curtail since past few years by introducing school feedings and order programs. It’s believed that when children learn they will be able to understand that is good from what is bad, because ignorance is bad.

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The issue of environmental pollution and dirtiness is also a problem in our society as we have poor refuse and waste management procedures. Many areas are very dirty in this country and some the effect of erosion has really affected them.

This night will be sharing you video about some young children who were happily swimming in a dirty drainage channel. The environment is typically dirty with several refuse around the area as you will see in the video, the children keep jumping into the water like it is a swimming pool and even the person videoing them can’t send them away.

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This is just one of the greatest surprise have seen this year, because it appears like the children doesn’t even know the effect of the water they are swimming inside.

Watch video below


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