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Sad Scenes From Mahama’s Office After Losing The Election (Video)

A video sighted on social media by shows how quiet and sad the office of the former President John Dramani Mahama looks like after the Electoral commission chairperson Jean Abukwei Mensa declared Nana Addo as president-elect.

Before the results were declared by the Electoral Commission, some members of the NDC party massed up at the headquarters to exert pressure on the EC chairperson, Madam Jean Mensa to declare the result, being hopeful of their victory.

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After several collations of certified results from the 16 regions in Ghana, Nana Addo has been declared as the re elected president of Ghana

Although this general election competition has been very close in terms of figures, a decision has been made by the EC based on certified percentages of the total vote cast.

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According to the chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana Mrs. Jean Mensah, Former President John Dramani Mahama obtained a total of 47.873% of the vote cast and Nana Addo obtained 50.8% of the vote cast.

However, the results didn’t go as they were expecting as Akufo-Addo has won the election.

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A video capturing scenes from the headquarters of the NDC shows that the people are down, sad, and very disappointed.

Meanwhile, former President Mahama is yet to admit the results.

Below is the video


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