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Sad: Four Children Burn To Death While Their Mother Attended All Night Church Service (Video)

Four young Ghanaian children burn to death after their mother attended an all-night church service in Efise close to Amasaman in the Greater Accra region

This sad information was shared by Nana Yaw Konado Peace FM radio presenter’s Talk Life Tv Show.

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According to the report, the lady has five children and when she was going to the church service she took along with her the last born leaving the four in the locked room.

Eye witnesses added that, yesterday(28th Oct.) evening around 12pm when the fire started, it got very intense at the part of the building were the kids and their mother was staying.

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So they couldn’t get close to help them and just a few hours after, their mother came back from church and started screaming that her kids are in the room but unfortunately they were all burned to death.

Below is the video


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