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I have seen and listen to some couple of songs from these act who is based in the bono region ,Berekum Sunyani based .

I had the change to watch his stage performance at the BAMA night 2019 and he absolutely blessed the show with energy and different type of music style .People all around were very curious where he even came from .
I was there my self.

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He gave the best performance that night and even went home with the BEST HIP HOP SONG OF THE YEAR last year

From there the team had the opportunity to interview one of them and he said he was from Berekum and I was even shocked my self because are we having such talent here with Us in B.A?
I have seen him hitting radio tours and have seen his videos too being played on the regions Television.B.A TV.

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I took time to contact one of the djs in Berekum to ask about the guy and it was very positive as to what he came to do at the BAMA night.

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An even organizer even made me aware that this guy is the hottest Upcoming Act in Berekum and he is trying to take over the whole .B.A which he understands it needs time to build that

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Talking about the front man RockieFella,CEO and founder of MTUB AFRICA,an artist,performer made to us very clear that He is ready to take B.A overseas so he is much concern about the hip hop music ,rap music,trap music and the latest drill type .
He added

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“Talking about my co artist and a blood brother Lu Ci the BuuMu hit makers alongside with WY T ,Lil Moe,Star Buju we have the best in our camp
We have singers ,Hookist,tight rappers and trap trappers ..THE WORLD SHOULD EXPECT US “
Rockiefella told us

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He promised he has an official studio album loading up which has about 7 songs,which will be released soon which he featured his own guys and about 4 solid videos which we made all by ourselves.he said there are so many things we do by ourselves.Each Gvng member has his or her role to play and we play it accordingly to make our work different.
We have a lot of projects to make the world know we[MTUB AFRICA ]are in to stay “The young super told Us

Click on this link and have a feel of their new song
Listen DA PLUG ,Rockiefella FT WY T X Lu Ci


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