Research shows COVID-19 is sexually transmissible; experts advise the use of condoms or total abstinence

A research conducted by a team of Chinese experts reveals that COVID-19 is sexually transmissible after the virus was found in the semen of patients.

According to the Wall Street Journal, patients in China who donated samples several days after their virus symptoms had faded were found to show evidence of Covid-19.

One of the patients in the study, at Shangqui Municipal Hospital in Henan Province, tested positive for Covid-19 in his semen 16 days after coming down with the virus and three days after clinical recovery.

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“Abstinence or condom use might be considered as preventative means for these patients,” the study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, said.

Public health officials earlier warned people not to have sex if they have symptoms of coronavirus, but this was to avoid transmission via droplets coming out of infected people’s noses and mouths and entering bodies of other people via their mouths, noses or eyes.

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However, the result of the new research has led officials to believe that the virus could also be transmitted via the semen.



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