Reggie Rockstone and his wife engage in a hot argument after she found nude photos of another lady on his phone.


Reggie Rockstone seems to have a very cool relationship with his wife and business partner Zilla and in a new episode of what seems to be like a mini reality show, the Granpa had to explain to his wife why he was keeping some n*de pictures on his phone.

His wife questioned him, why he had some nude pictures of some girl on his phone, and has failed to delete them after 3 days since he got them, and watching the video Reggie found it difficult to get a legit excuse to defend himself.


The couple has access to each other’s phone, so that’s how come Zilla saw those pictures on her husband’s phone and had been waiting for him to delete them but that wasn’t happening so she decided to confront him about him.

In Reggie’s defense, he said some model had sent him the pictures because she wanted to be featured in a music video and its obvious it’s not the first time, he’s receiving such pictures.

Reggie had cleared the chats that would have vindicated him but decided to keep the pictures, something his wife couldn’t fathom so when asked, his response was that, he was enjoying them.

When Zilla asked, him how he would feel, if he had seen similar photos of a guy on her phone, his response suggested that he wouldn’t be happy and asked why would anyone even send a married woman such photos.

Men will always be men huh? Watch the video as shared by Reggie on his Instagram below:


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