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Real Story Behind Slay Queen Found Dead After She Was Seen Twerking At A Party


The viral video which has been circulating on social media revealed a young Slay Queen dancing and twerking for a young man in a party, but that is not the actual problem, the young girl was later murdered after the said party and lot of people have been asking different questions about what happened that day

His name is Kadi from Cameroon, a 400 Level in Bamenda university and the young lady is a Nigerian based Cameroonian who work in a club, according to the young man, he was called on Sunday by his friends that there was a party. Hence, he decided to attend the party.

It was during the party that he found this young lady who he found very attractive, and for fun sake, the young girl decided to make his day pleasant by giving him a twerk dance, his friends actually made that video as his phone was off due to absence of light.

According to him, the party took place on the second of August, and the young girl was kidnapped and killed on the third of August, now he didn’t know that the girl was dead and he uploaded the video on the fourth of August, and later discovered that the girl was dead.

He was heartbroken, according to his statement; He has never met the girl before, and that was his first time seeing her at the party. He didn’t even know her name.

Watch video below


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