E.L advises Ghana Education Service not to hastily reopen schools in Ghana

Ghana Education Service is planning to outline a blueprint that will see children going back to school as soon as possible.

This according to the Teacher’s Union is a bad idea, since hastily re-opening schools could be dangerous because Coronavirus is still lingering in the air angrily.

The Teacher’s Union in an official statement said schools must remain closed even if ban on gatherings is lifted.

“The spread [of the virus in Ghana is still very exponential, and given the fact that our [Ghanaian] schools could still be incubation centres of the pandemic, and given the unlimited social interactions and movements which take place there,” they warned.

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Well, it appears Ghanaian rapper, Elorm Adabla popularly known as E.L so much so agrees with the teacher’s union.

In an exclusive interview with Amansan Krakye on Radio Central, E.L was quizzed as to whether it is prudent for schools to be reopened sooner or later.

He advised “The numbers are still going up so I don’t know what they mean by things are safe. Because as per my observations and my knowledge the numbers are still rising.

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“No where in the world right now have schools been opened for students to attend. So I will advise that we should hold on a little longer because there is no need for us to rush to go back into the world and get hurt or get sick.

“Because if Coronavirus should escalate in Ghana just like what happened in some foreign countries, the effects will surely be devastating due to the fact that we are still a third world country”, he cautioned.




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