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Police Arrest Man For Murdering Ex-Girlfriend To Prove His Love For His New Girlfriend In Russia |Photos


A 20 years old Russian resident “Aleksey Petrov” has been arrested and charged for murdering his ex-girlfriend “Anastasia Pospelova” in the village of Suzun situated in southcentral Novosibirsk region, as proof to disclose to his new girlfriend how much she means to him.


Prior to the death of Anastasia, Petrov and his new girlfriend requested that she attended a party which was organized by them on June 14, after which she was lured into the forest to be killed by her former boyfriend.

According to the prosecutor in charge of the case, the deceased was lured into a forest to have a good time, drinking together near a bonfire after which she was attacked by the suspect, sustaining stabbed wounds on her neck and body.

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In order to save her life from the convict, she runs into hiding to telephone her friend for help but unfortunately for her, she was found and attacked mercilessly, which led to her sudden death.

”Help me! I’m in the woods, they are after me! My neck is cut! They are going to kill me!”

The deceased told her friend when she called for help but her friend considered it a prank and did not know it was real.

Her body was hidden in the bush and the suspect and his accomplice went to lodge a complaint that, Anastasia was nowhere to be found.

The police decided to do a thorough investigation, which led to the retrieval of the body with inflicted wounds and the arrest of the suspects.

According to the police, the convicts who murdered Anastasia pleaded guilty and confessed all their crimes.

With regard to the reports given,  Petrov decided to kill his former girlfriend in order to prove to his new girlfriend  “Karpova” a mother of a two years old boy, how much he loved her following arguments she always raised out of jealousy.

”The suspect man stabbed the victim with a knife then stepped on her throat and strangled her to death.

”The suspects reported their victim missing and took part in searches trying to avert suspicion.

”After the body was found they confessed in full to the crime.”

The police narrated

See photos below

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