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Photos of Anell Agyapong, Kennedy Agyapong’s cocaine-addicted daughter

Kennedy Oheneba Agyapong a few days ago revealed that one of his daughters is not only a cocaine addict, she also begs men to sleep with her in the USA.

According to Kennedy, his daughter is a very intelligent lady but she keeps dropping out of school needlessly.

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Kennedy Agypong’s daughter, Anell Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong claims once he spent thousands of dollars on her daughter’s fees only for her to drop out of school weeks after he paid the fees.

When he found out and sent someone to check up on her, she was high with cocaine and that was when he discovered she sleeps with white men by heart in the USA.

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Kennedy Agypongs Daughter Anell 696x686
Kennedy Agypong’s daughter, Anell Agyapong

Well, Ghpage has finally found the said daughter of Kennedy Agyapong. She is called Anell Agyapong.

Born on 4th June 1994, Anell has blossomed into a beautiful woman any man will be pleased to call her daughter but not Ken.

Check out some more stunning photos of Anell Agyapong, the stubborn drug addict daughter of Kennedy Agyapong.



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