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Photos Of An Asian Crowned As Nkosuohene Of Afram Agya Cause A Stir On The Internet

An Asian, Sun Qiang has been enstooled as the Nkosuohene (development Chief) of Afram Agya.

Mr. Sun Qiang was given the name Barimah Kofi Ayeboafo after the ceremony culminated

Afram Agya is at Afram Plains, a very deprive community. Every philantropist can be recognised as such.

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Nkosorhene is a recognition of his immense contribution to the development of the community.

Since Sun Qiang has been recognized as a hard working man of the town, giving him such reputable position is a good initiative from the leader of Afram Agya.

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Many netizens are of the view that it is a form of mental slavery to give a foreigner a huge position and ignoring the indigenous people.

While others were in supportive of the chief of Afram Agya and his elders decisions, some netizens also were against the decisions tagging it as mental slavery.

See photos:

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