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Pastor Who Shaved The Pubic Hair Of Female Church Members Finally Speaks | Video

The Ghanaian pastor who shaved the pubic hair of female church members finally speaks and reveals why that needed to be done.

Yesterday, we published a story of how a Ghanaian pastor was busily shaving the pubic hair of his female church members.

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The video got lots of Ghanaians talking and expressing their disgust about the actions of the man of God.

Well, in a one-to-one conversation with Kofi Adoma, the Ghanaian pastor explained his actions.

According to him, it got to a time things were not going well for his church members.

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He said that as a result of that he conducted a 60 days fasting and God gave him directions.

According to him, after the fasting God revealed to him that the reason why things are not going well for his church members is that some of them needed their virginity to be broken by a man of God.

Watch video below


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