On social media platforms, a video has been fast trending that shows a man who is assumed to be a Ghanaian pastor in the United States of America asking his wife (Betty) to sign divorce papers after she helped him get to the US and obtained a green card.

From the video, the man believed to be a pastor was seen giving a divorce paper to his wife (Betty) to sign for them to go on their separate ways.

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However, the woman and her family were resisting to provide the signature for the pastor and from the video, it was based on one thing.

According to the Betty, her husband got to the USA and now owns his green card because of her and she request for it back since he wants to leave the marriage.

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The man’s refusal to hand over the green card also made the wife refused to sign the papers.

While there were serious arguments between the pastor and his Betty’s family, the pastor sent the wife a death threats, however, the family made it known to him point blank that should anything bad happens to Betty, he will held responsible.

Watch the Video below


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