Ohemaa Mercy Stuck In Lagos After Chopping A Side D!ck? Since Tehillah Concert In Nigeria


Fresh rumors suggest that Ghanaian gospel musician Ohemaa Mercy has gotten her self into infidelity issues after having an affair with another man outside her marriage which has caused her to stay away from home for a while [since performing at TEHILLAH Worship Summit in April in Nigeria]

This very serious allegation is been made by Nigerian Instagram blogger cutie_julls, strongly claiming that it’s very true and authentic information.

At it stands now it’s only a rumor… I mean I’ve my own questions about this, so… like Ghana’s borders are currently not opened and tinz, so what up with the traveling and tinz???!!!

Do you know that your top gospel mamaga Ohemaa Mercy has not been home since her Tahila conference abi concert over infidelity issues? :

Hmm them say mamaga go chop side meat o. This fila is authentic and certified.. It got worse after the birthday. Talks are going on to save the marriage o. Prayer warriors, get to work.. Stay tuned here for only original gist.. brb

Cutie_Julls wrote on Instagram alongside the photo below.


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