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Nurse [email protected]£nly Shares Vid£0 Of Herself [email protected]£.d Into School Group

A young nurse called Ellen Asare has mistakenly shared a very revealing video of herself meant for her boyfriend in her school group and it’s trending on social media.

Ellen Asare shared the video in her Senior High School alumni WhatsApp group (Accra Girls Senior High School) and before she realized she had made a mistake, the video was already going viral on the internet.

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It’s not clear who betrayed Ellen by sharing the video to other people and why anyone would like to disgrace someone they attended the same school with on a National level but I guess if Ellen didn’t record the video in the first place, there wouldn’t be any video to trend.

The Ghana Health Service and the Ministry of Health are yet to comment on the misconduct of the young nurse like they did with the nurse who shook her backside in her uniform.

Ellen Asare is likely to lose her license as a medical practitioner, lose her job, and might even lose her boyfriend for whom she recorded the video for in the first place.

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