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“My ex-girlfriend made me fast every month but she was cheating on me with a pastor”-Man shares sad story


A man has shared his horrible experience of dating someone who was drawing her closer to God and we are shocked to know there are actually some women who would do that.

The man who is known as Kefi on Twitter shared this painful experience after a Twitter user advised that it is important to date someone that draws you closer to God.

Kefi reacting, stated that, such advice is a sham and that he experienced something terrible while dating a woman who he thought was drawing him closer to God.

He recounted how his ex-girlfriend was so religious and would make him fast for 3 days each month but was still sleeping with one of the junior pastors.

He tweeted;

“This is a scam! Draw yourself to God by yourself, my ex was making me fast(dry) for 3 days every month, she would get mad if I miss mid-week service to watch UefaCL. But she was f**king one of the junior pastors in Woolwich.” he tweeted.

Screenshot of the tweet below:

Screenshot 2020 07 07 At 10.18.20 Am


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