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Meet the oldest 2020 BECE candidate, Madam Elizabeth Yamoah

A photo of a woman called Elizabeth Yamoah is trending on social media and according to commentaries, she’s said to be the oldest BECE candidate of the year, 2020.

She’s 57 years and she attends Agona Odoben Presby JHS.

Madam Elizabeth Yamoah is writing the Basic Education Certificate Examination at Odoben SHS — where her examination center is located.

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Social media users have fallen in love with her determination and many have called her an inspiration.

One Nana Akua Asiedua Xandrah who felt touched by her story wrote: ‘This made me emotional.😭

There are a lot of people from our parents’ generation who still love school but they couldn’t make it far because of home( financial) issues.

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Our parents had dreams of what they wanted to do but couldn’t achieve it.

That’s why they keep saying, if I had gone to school, I would have become a big big big person.

That’s why eventually most of them want us (their children) to live their dreams for them.

Others also want to achieve their dreams themselves (perhaps like this grandma). But seems TIME has greatly been against them.😭😭😭

But we pray that all their dreams come into reality. As for the how, only God can tell. 🙏🙏🙏

Keep going Grandma.’


Another Facebook user, Yung Vibes also think attending school at such an old age is a waste of time.

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He wrote: “She is at her pension age so wat is her aim now .

Grandma should stay in de house nd rest ur own mind .Where were u at ur youthful age , I c dis as a joke not any inspiration biaa 😕😕😕😕

After school wat ar u going to do cus government can’t employ u neither private .

By de way it only nice to public”

A 1

See photo below

Oldest Bece Candidate 1920x1024


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