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Meet Madina Broni, Ghana’s Very Own Bobrisky

Meet Madina Broni, the Ghanaian man who is now a woman.

Madina Broni is 26year old and a fashion designer, make up artist, and professional beautician.


It seems that his remark has put some confidence in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community to demonstrate their presence.

A transgender person has been made public in the heart of Madina, one of Ghana’s most popular and dominated Muslim community. It’s Madina Broni she ‘s going through.


Madina Broni is 26 years old, and a fashion designer, according to sources, is an artist and a professional esthetic artist.

Her name was the Prince, she lived most of her life in Madina, and she decided that she wouldn’t be a man again on 26 August 2015.


She hopes to become a fashion to make Ghana famous.

She said that in Spain, she had switched from male to female and was subjected to surgery.


She noted: her family and friends support her, saying she manages a stylist’s own company.

The transgender who talked to the media recently said most of the people did not know it is transgender but assumed it was a woman.

I used to be named broni, maame, botos, and other names when I grew up. I realized that in 2015 I was more likely to find myself as a woman, so in Spain, I paid around $60,000 to have an operation to make a full woman.”

“I like to be a woman … Who’d want to be a guy? She said, ‘Chaii.”


She said she needs other men, because “it is a new dawn, the transgender person comes out of its closets today—a time to get up to the chance.


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