Fake Phone Accra
Man buys brand new phone on the streets of Accra only to find wood inside upon getting home

Buying electronic gadgets such as mobile phone on the streets of Accra is very dangerous as it’s an avenue of allowing yourself to get ‘broken heart’.

So to be on a safer side, it’s better you walk into a phone shop and get yourself a handset instead of buying from those street boys.

Usually, they’ll sell you a working device but you’ll be taken by surprise that after happily paying for these products, you might get home before realising that what you paid for was not what you were given.

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A young man who went to buy a brand new phone has suffered this fate when he realised upon getting home that his phone was stuffed with pieces of foam and wood.

Thomas Tag Amenyo who shared the photos in ‘Tried and True‘ Facebook group wrote: “Some phone dealers won’t make it to heaven, see what they did to my brother in Accra, Hmm. Any victim in the house? Share your experience.”

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