Lady Who Got Married To 97 Year Old Man Finally Speaks Thedistin
Lady Who Got Married To 97 Year Old Man Finally Speaks

A few days ago, a video was circulating online about a young lady, 35 years old, who got married to a 97-year-old man.

The visuals garnered mixed reactions with netizens saying the wife could qualify as the groom’s granddaughter.

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Well, the 35-year-old laddy in an interview with KOFI TV has finally revealed why she decided to get married to the 97-year-old man.

According to the lady, the old man helped her during her difficult moments.

She revealed that she got impregnated by another man and the man jilted her, and it was 97-year-old man who accepted her and took care of her.

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Later, the old man expressed his interest to marry her and she accepted his proposal.

She further disclosed that when it comes his performance in bed, he’s very strong and good in bed.


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