Beautiful Lady

A beautiful lady who’s yet to be identified is trending on social media after what she did when she was asked to pay extra money before her left-over food can be packaged in a takeaway pack for her.

Apparently, they went to a restaurant to eat but it got to a point where they got satisfied. However, the amount of food and meat left in their plates can’t be left to go waste. Hence, the lady asked the waiter to please package the food in a takeaway pack for them.

The waiter replied saying they must pay extra money for that to be done.

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The lady who looked visibly shocked asked her friend that why should she pay extra money after all that she paid for the food?

The lady who wasn’t ready to pay extra cash poured the food into a polythene bag and the container in which the salad was fetched.

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Her friend from onset discouraged her from bagging the food in a rubber because people were looking at them, but she replied that she didn’t steal but rather she’s trying to make good use of her hard-earned money, so she doesn’t care what others think.

Watch the video below:


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