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Lady Attacks Akuapem Poloo For Snatching Her Husband, Video Goes Viral

A video has been making waves across social media platforms that shows Akuapem Poloo been attacked by a lady for allegedly going out with her husband identified as King Mondo.

Ghanaian actress and Instagram model Akuapem Poloo, known in private life as Rosemond Brown, seems to have landed herself in another trouble.

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This time, she has been accused of husband-snatching by a yet yet-to-be-identified lady who attacked her in a video.

In the video, Poloo is seen walking with a young man and it looked like they were returning from somewhere they had gone.

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Chatting heartily, the two are accosted immediately by one young lady who claimed to be the wife of the man Poloo is with.

After getting a confirmation that it was Poloo she had met, the lady starts to make noise in a bid to disgrace the actress as a husband snatcher.

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The angry lady even tried to physically attack Poloo while the man who was referring to her as ‘baby’ restrained her.

The video of the disgraceful encounter was shared on Instagram by Akuapem Poloo. Sharing the video, the actress disclosed that her attacker was the wife of the man she was walking with.

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Based in the United Kingdom, Poloo claimed that the lady has flown in to confront after seeing wedding videos of her (Poloo) and her husband.

But Poloo indicates that she only shot a music video with the lady’s husband.

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Her caption to the video read:

“Oh God please hold my heart always @kingmondomusic you will pay for dis. How can you let your wife embarrass me this way you should’ve told her the wedding videos that came out was a music video so she left UK to Ghana just to do this to me wow wow thanks to somebody saw her coming and took a video for me I will everyone know about what your wife did today.”

Watch video below:


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