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Kwame Rack$ Reveals How Bono Ahafo Can Build A Strong Music Industry In An Interview With Grandpa With Swag

Kwame Rack$ is an upcoming artitse from Bono Ahafo(BA).Rack$ Reveals is an interview with Grandpa With Swag That he comes from nsoatre.Kwame Rack$ In An interview with Grandpa with revealed how BA can build a strong music industry.

Firstly, BA can have a strong music industry if they start to organise concert for upcoming artiste.He feather said,with the concert,these upcoming artiste will be able to show case what they have in them.He said that with that,it can help to BA in Top of the music map.He later did not only on top of the map but also it will help build a Strong Music Industry.

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Grandpa with Swag and Kwame Rack$

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Secondly ,Kwame Rack$ went on feather saying,BA can build a Strong Music Industry If they have label for upcoming artitse.Thats labels which will help Upcoming artiste promote their songs.He said that in the absence of this label,Many upcoming artiste run to Kumasi and Accra so that they can blow in music.

Img 20200618 Wa0052
Grandpa with Swag and Kwame Rack$

Moreover,Rack$ revealed that another way for BA to build A Strong industry,is for the media and music Lovers to start hyping BA artiste.Rack$ said that when doing this,it will help people to Know more about BA upcoming artiste.This will help many people to follow these upcoming artiste.

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Rack$ went on feather saying,If those people from BA,who have made it in the music industry turns back and look at the upcoming artiste,BA can build a Strong Industry.He gave examples of such artiste who are from BA and  have made in music industry.some of theses artiste are Guru,bosom p-yung and many more

Ending Rack$ Said,If all people in BA come together with Love and unity,BA can build A Strong Music Industry.


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