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Kuami Eugene Drops a New Hairstyle and The Girls Can’t Keep Calm -Watch

Lynx Entertainment signee and Award-Winning Act, Kuami Eugene is the girls favorite young guy, and he tries as much as possible to put his brand under a high maintenance. Kuami has out-doored a new ‘Ganster-like’ hairstyle and it looks so good on him.

Few days of being bombarded by his new dreadlocks, seems Eugene has finally come to realized Ghanaians were not cool with him keep dreads. So keep his brand and maintain his fine girls. Bra Eugene has to change his look and this looks great on him.

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He took to Instagram to show it off to all his fans and music lovers by captioning a nice and cute photo with; ‘I’m Cutting My Head 🤣 Mii yi miti 🤣

Kuami Eugene has gotten over 20 Thousand Views under few minutes of posting the video which really proves that, he’s for the people and a trust son of Africa.

It is also rumoured that, Kuami Eugene has part ways with his record Label. Kuami Eugene has reportedly left Lynx Entertainment after 6 years of being under the record label. According to gossips24, an employee of the record label revealed to the portal that Kuami Eugene had exited the popular record label.

Watch Video below:


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