Two School Boys
Hot Video Of Two school boys fighting Over Girl In A Classroom -Watch

The incident shows a fight that took place at a school somewhere in South Africa, the boys were fighting in the classroom in front of all their classmates who only stood and watched as the boys punched each other.

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Their classmates were recording the incident on their cellphones and laughing while the fight was taking place, they did not at one point try to stop the fight that was disrupting the class.

It is not uncommon for people who come from different background to clash in this way as a lack of understanding breeds passive aggressive behaviour that leads to violence, school children ate still developing their communication skills and haven’t yet learned how to communicate, so they tend to lead towards violence to deal their frustrations.

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School fights are becoming a bit too much for some people since we have seen a number of videos of school children fighting and trying to solve their problems by bringing shame to their victims or bullies and capture it online which may lead to dire legal consequences that might affect one’s life for ever.

Watch the video below


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