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Hon. Kennedy Agyapong Reveals He Tested Positive For COVID-19 After His 60th birthday Party & Shares


Controversial Member of Parliament Hon. Kennedy Agyapong reveals why he has been off the tv after his 60th birthday party

According to him he dined with friends who didn’t have their nose mask on while others also had it on their chin.


He added that just a few days after the party his nose was blocked and within five days he lost weight drastically

it was after my 60th birthday party which I resisted so much and it exposed me to people who had already tested positive.


I dined with them and even for some people, they did not even have their nose masks on while others had theirs down the chin.

For over two weeks I was in quarantine; my nose was blocked and my bed was as if water had been poured on it coupled with a fever and within five days, I had lost weight drastically.


I have recovered now and not shy to talk about it because I am a testimony but the disease is so real and we don’t have to joke with it.

he said


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