Anas Ken Agyapong
Hon Kennedy Agyapong Reacts To Anas’ Corona Quacks Video


Controversial Member of Parliament for Assin Central has reacted to the video released by Ghana’s renowned undercover journalist ” Anas Aremeyaw Anas”.


Ghanaian politician was taken by surprise when Anas brought up a new exposure titled ‘Corona Quacks And Thieves In Ghana’, due to his brags about silencing the undercover journalist ever since he was exposed in the previous video that was released by Anas about corruption in Ghana.

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Hon Kennedy Agyapong, ever since the announcement on his exposure to help rule out the corrupt doctors and individuals who used the pandemic as an opportunity to grab millions of dollars in fraudulent acts.


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“Let Anas dare and show his video or even mention my name in this exposé, after that, I will expose him and his bosses including senior journalists in this country on the way they have tagged the people with corruption. Seasoned journalists in this country are behind this thing,”

Hon Kennedy Agyapong stated


Two doctors have been arrested after the first few minutes of exposure of the video following investigations of the drugs which revealed its constituents to be toxic and harmful.


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