‘Government is not saying schools are to re-open soon’- Information Minister

Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has clarified government’s stance on the reopening of schools that has generated so much buzz within the past few days.

According to the minister, the reports made by journalists are inaccurate since consultations on what it will take to re-open schools are ongoing.

He said: “Government is not saying that schools are to re-open soon, what we are saying is that consultations on what it takes to re-open schools is what we are currently engaged in”

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Moreover, he mentioned that such apprehension shown by Teacher Unions should be channelled towards finding a viable solution for the easing of restrictions on public gatherings.

“We noticed that there are a lot of stakeholder groups and parents and unions that appear apprehensive since those reports came out. It is okay to be apprehensive, Indeed if we were not apprehensive we would not be sensitive to challenges of the times.

“It is okay to be apprehensive, it is okay to have worries, it is okay to wonder how this will be done but we must channel those apprehensions and those worries towards answering the question; what does it take? what should be the indication of a good time? What will be the best way to protect teachers, non-teachers students if we are to open-up at some point?” he concluded.


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