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Google Confirms VP Dr.Bawumia As The Biggest Liar In Ghana. This Is Why.


Prez Nana Akuffo-Addo and his running mate Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia are on record to have peddled a number of untruths about in office as president and his vice respectively.

If you should take your phone and search for ‘who is the biggest liar in ghana‘ on Google, the first ranking result you’ll get is ‘The Vice-President of the Republic of Ghana”.

And as we all know, His Excellency Mahamudu Bawumia is the current Vice-President in Ghana.

So are they implying that Bawumia is a liar?

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But why would Google place our honorable VP on top of that table of disgrace? Well, that would probably be for reasons pertaining to how he failed promises he made. Let’s take a look at few.

1) Fight against Galamsey – fraud

2) Fight against corruption – big fraud

3) Medical drones deal – fraud

4) Build 350 brand new SHS – big fraud

5) One village one dam – fraud

6) One district one factory – big fraud

7) $1million per constituent – big fraud

8) Free Bank account per citizen – fraud

9) Protecting the public purse – fraud

10) No village will be without toilet – fraud

11) No village would be without water – fraud

12) Make Accra the cleanest city – fraud

13) Job creation – fraud

14) Promise to operate lean govt – fraud

15) Zero tolerance for nepotism – fraud

16) Develop Ghana without borrowing – fraud

17) Punish corrupt govt appointees – fraud

18) One constituency One warehouse – fraud

19) Hot meal and chocolate per child – fraud

20) Reducing electricity tariff – fraud

21) Reducing fuel prices – fraud

22) Reducing water tariff – fraud

23) Ghana Post GPS – fraud

24) Stabilize the Ghana Cedi – big fraud

25) Reduce cost of living -fraud.

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