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Ghanaian Pastor angrily gives son ‘slaps’ for posting online about going to Benin


The rate of unemployment in Ghana keeps increasing and the jobs that are created by governments are not enough to absorb the huge number of unemployed people.

This, however, forces some people to engage in illegal activities such as fraud and armed robbery to make some money. Others also end up in money rituals to become rich.

The issue of making a lot of money and becoming rich has resulted in tweeps talking about going to Benin to perform money rituals.

Benin is well-known for practising voodoo and some Tweeps have been making jokes about going to the country to seek help in becoming rich.

For the past week, stories about people going to Benin have been trending on social media lately, with many people confused about what all the talk has been centred on.

Further reports gathered have shown there was actually a group of 87 people who went to Benin for a ritual from a traditional priest. However, they were reportedly informed that seven of them would be randomly picked, not to return but to be used as a sacrifice for the rest.

Well, a Ghanaian netizen who calls himself Myk_Milllah on Twitter has indicated that his father rebuked him without mercy for making a WhatsApp status update concerning Benin.

In the post sighted on his personal handle on Twitter, Myk, who is an upcoming musician/rapper said he only posted “Benin soon” as his status and his dad got to view it.

From that moment, Myk was called, rebuked, counselled, corrected, and instructed by his father who is a pastor of a local church.


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