Fameye And Ogidi Brown Clash In Antoa1
Fameye and Ogidi Brown meets face-to-face at Antoa

Ogidi Brown and Fameye met face to face at Antoa today, Wednesday 30th December 2020.

Apparently, Ogidi Brown arrived in the town yesterday on a mission to curse and end the life of his former signee for refusing to pay an amount of $50,000 owed him.

According to our close source, Foster Baffour who sent us details on how things went down, some elders in the town met Ogidi Brown and heard his part of the story.

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Afterwards, Fameye was phoned to also come over so that he can also narrate his part of the story — which he did.

Our source said ‘Fameye admitted that he indeed owes Ogidi Brown and that he’s willing to pay him the full amount”.

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Upon deliberations our source said, “Fameye promised to pay half of the amount in January 2021 after which he’ll pay the rest by March”

Our source also added that the meeting was a peaceful one and nothing like argument occurred.

As seen in the photos below, Fameye even walked together with his former manager.

Below are photos from the meeting which was witnessed by the town folks.

Fameye And Ogidi Brown Clash In Antoa2 Fameye And Ogidi Brown Clash In Antoa4 Fameye And Ogidi Brown Clash In Antoa5 Fameye And Ogidi Brown Clash In Antoa6


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