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Fake pastor exposed for sleeping with a 15 year old girl

Majority of pastors these days are frauds. They do all these dirty things and hide behind the Bible. Recently another fake pastor was exposed by his right hand man and all his dirty secrets were revealed.

The pastor was sleeping with young girls from Hillbrow. One of the girls he slept with decided to speak up. She is only 15 years. She said it all started when she was still a member of the youth group in the church. She began noticing that the pastor had an hidden agenda towards her.

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He’d always stare at her and say good things about her in front of the whole church. The girl began catching feelings too and they they had an affair. They somehow managed to keep their relationship a secret and the pastor’s wife never founded out because they always met at the girl’s place in Hillbrow.

Every time they met, they would sleep together and the pastor would pay her with the money from the church. “After every session, he payed me R1000 with the church money”, said the girl.

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