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Ewurama: Lady Who Gave A ‘Medical Doctor’ A Heartbreak Meets Him Face To Face, She Begs Him To Be Accepted On Live TV

Christian Gyebi, man who was mistaken as a medical doctor who went viral after he was captured in a video crying when his heart was broken into pieces clash with Ewurama, the same lady.

Christian Gyebi, a pharmacy technologist has finally met Ewurama after she broke his heart and video of him weeping while he had patients to attend to went viral.

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The two lovers who experienced a hiccup in their relationship were sat down together by a host to explain themselves in a new video sighted by on a YouTube Channel they set up when they were a thing together.

Explaining what actually happened between them, Ewurama indicated that there was only a minor misunderstanding between herself and Christian when she travelled.

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Ewurama also used the opportunity to plead with Christian Gyebi, admitting that she had wronged him and wanted his forgiveness.

When it was Christian’s turn to speak, the pharmacy technologist mentioned that although he was heartbroken, it was difficult to forgive the lady because he felt she was simply pretending.

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Christian explained that it seemed Ewurama wanted him back because of the fact that he started going viral and she simply wanted to tap into that trend.

Watch the video below:


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