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Ernest Appiah: Alleged Scammer Who Used His Girlfriend’s ‘Tw3’ For Sakawa Speaks (Video)

The alleged scammer who reportedly used his 18-year-old girlfriend Angela Boamah’s “tw3” for ‘sakawa’ which allegedly led to her death speaks in a new video

Earlier we wrote a story on how Ernest Appiah the alleged Scammer Used His Girlfriend’s ‘Tw3’ For Sakawa, as the Girl Cried In Pains & Dies Days After.

In a new report, the said scammer has identified himself as Ernest Appiah 19, and according to him, they were not dating as a lot of people are saying due to how they were cuddling in the viral video adding that they were ‘only bestie and friends with benefit’.

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He further said he does not have houses and cars like it was said in the voice note in the viral.

He then pushed all the blame on the lady who released the viral video and said he used his girlfriend’sd private part for money rituals as the girl was seen screaming and crying in the video.

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Meanwhile, the parents of the deceased disclosed that she died of cancer and they said the guy is not their late daughter’s lover.

Below is the video:


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