Donald Trump finds a cure to Coronavirus & announces the drug

The United State of America’s President, Donald Trump has announced a cure for the coronavirus.

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Just last week, Donald Trump said he was instructing the FDA to test hydroxychloroquine and a related drug, chloroquine, as treatment for COVID-19.

Giardinieri, a Florida Coronavirus patient who was used as the test sample had the drug working perfectly on him.

In his statement, he said:

“He gave me all the reasons why I would probably not want to try it because there are no trials, there’s no testing, it was not something that was approved

“And I said, ‘Look, I don’t know if I’m going to make it until the morning,’ because at that point I really thought I was coming to the end because I couldn’t breathe anymore.” Giardinieri continued.

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He agreed and authorized the use of it and 30 minutes later the nurse gave it to me.”

Giardinieri said he had three doses of the medicine Saturday and is hoping to be discharged from the hospital in five days.

To me, there was no doubt in mind that I wouldn’t make it until morning,” said Giardinieri. “So to me, the drug saved my life.”

Donald Trump with all surety took to Twitter and announced that the drug will be all over by tomorrow.

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“A great early result from a drug that will start tomorrow in New York and other places! #COVIDー19.” – Donald Trump tweeted.

We thank God for the potential cure as we pray it works on all patients.

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