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Disturbing video of a lady smoking and passing it on to a young little boy


A video shared on Twitter has sparked a very important conversation between many netizens over the complete and sheer irresponsibility displayed by a middle-aged lady towards a young boy.

The video which was shared by @TakaTina1had this lady smoking a piece of cigarette which she happily passed on to a young boy to inhale.

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Lady in the video

The video shows how happy the boy was to have the smoke enter his lungs since it appears he has been taught to master the art.


The tweet was calling on all and sundry to help in saving the life of the young boy who definitely will be at the receiving end of all the complications that comes along with smoking.

An investigation conducted by folks on Twitter has revealed the identity of the woman as Princess Riri Nator and a second video has also emerged of the young boy gulping a bottle of strong gin.

Some concerned comments by some Twitter users who have come into contact with the despicable video are as follows:

@ModisakengMusa wrote: What a disturbing video! No child deserves to be brought up like this! Shame on this woman! @MmusiMaimane @GushwellBrooks please help this young one.

@Moo_Venda commented: he’s found and the law is on the way to her house.

@VukaKhondlo replied: Sad part is shes gonna go to jail and we tax payers are gonna spend R11700 on her every month. She will eat kfc, drink fanta, have a warm bed, watch dstv, gym, study, have sanitary towels, security, access to healthcare etc while her child suffers separation outside.

Watch Videos Below:


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